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Founder & CEO

A savvy social media strategist, experienced creative director, and successful real estate marketer, Karla shines for the breadth of her knowledge and her heartfelt passion for marketing and social media.

What sets you apart from the competition?

BOND Groupe is a social media agency with a purpose: to create a BOND between brands and people. I think it is so important to humanize the brands on social media so people feel comfortable engaging. It is also very important to make the channels as organic as possible. We definitely specialize in luxury real estate but we are growing and expanding our services to the hospitality industry. What sets us apart is my creative background and marketing expertise in the luxury real estate arena. Social Media is a big component of a marketing strategy, so it is key to understand marketing as a whole, so the brand has a consistent and cohesive voice, look and feel throughout its marketing efforts and that is definitely our expertise. 

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